As TMC director, I find the NewPeople brings both challenges and inspiration. This radical newspaper carries the momentum of more than forty years of robust debate, inevitable missteps, and fierce commitment to pursuing stories left out of mainstream media. The NewPeople relies on the creativity and commitment of our staff, readers, and volunteer writers and editors. Most importantly, I hope the NewPeople works in service of larger movements.

The NewPeople publishes articles from a range of perspectives within the broad spectrum of the TMC mission of peace and justice. Personally, I think it’s important that this paper opens space for discussion and even disagreement within this framework. You won’t see articles calling for US military interventions or expanding fossil fuel infrastructure, for example, but I’m glad when we can publish multiple viewpoints in one issue or can publish articles responding to writing from past issues.

I hope to see the NewPeople covering issues and perspectives left unreported or misrepresented in mainstream media. We’re transparent about this newspaper aspiring towards content rooted in social justice values. Even when other media outlets claim neutral objectivity, they adopt a certain viewpoint through their choices about framing narratives, the information they include, and the stories they leave untold.
As an organization, the TMC does not specifically endorse every thought expressed by writers in the NewPeople in the same way that we take organizational positions through campaigns, political protests, or official statements. My own opinions also sometimes differ from specific views or framing choices I see in the NewPeople. Still, we’re responsible for the content of this paper and want to hear from readers. I especially want us to take responsibility for content that furthers the oppression inherent in our overall society.

Many thanks, and I hope more readers will consider writing. Telling our stories can humanize our politics and build towards justice.

BY Gabriel McMorland

TMC newspaper VOL. 49 No. 2 March 2019. All rights reserved.


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