The daily comics being read FIRST upon receipt of my paper, enables me to digest the unbearable news that is sure to follow. Eliminating the need to respond for the loss of life of someone loved is SECOND. Although a very clever obituary was printed this week, obviously, composed by a gentleman who also valued humor.

Then I proceed to the mundane occurrences throughout our region. The new constructions, entertainment, foreign news and never, ever sports. There is rarely
a day that there is not an article circled to be cut out and forwarded to either a daughter living in Delaware, relatives, or friends who I know still care about their home town.

I share the thirteen week expense with my 93 year old friend who lives down stairs in our senior high-rise complex. Last month’s bill of $62.50 has risen to $78.00. I was flabbergasted when I opened my mail and ran to various neighbors and shared what I believed to be unmitigated gull to raise the amount so high to people living on obvious, very limited income. Wasn’t it enough that we senior citizens had to bear with the humiliating commercials first run by the PP-G to try and lighten up the mood of the transference from total print to two days a week of digital news?

Three times this last two weeks I could not get the unfrozen computer screen to go up and down. When I called for assistance the robot call answered “I cannot hear your voice” please call back. After three times I just gave up. After nearly eight decades of seeking out details of news from the PP-G, my third priority has become “I am giving
up my subscription totally.”

Your folks in power fired Rob Rogers, you’ve seriously cut back on staff, your former editor and chief, highly respected David Schirbman (?) left early on his retirement. You are being picketed on the 25th of this month. This is all so very sad, and more than frustrating in these current media cyclone times, that the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has lost its way and its patrons. My priority now is to fill up those hours normally filled with reading the PP-G with quality substance.

By Barbara Lee Pace

TMC newspaper VOL. 49 No. 2 March 2019. All rights reserved.

Categories: News

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