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Ms. Dannielle Brown, mother of allegedly defenestrated Duquesne Universiity student athlete Marquis Jaylen Brown, addresses supporters from the middle of an arrangement of candles at a July 22, 2020 vigil held on Freedom Corner. Photo by Hyxposure Photography.

Dannielle Brown is on a hunger strike to demand that Duquesne University allow an independent third party investigator to reexamine the evidence and witnesses related to the death of her son, Marquis Jaylen Brown (JB). Currently, many questions remain regarding the circumstances of JB’s death. Four people were in the room when JB died so they either watched him die or failed to protect him. Regardless, this is negligence. She demands full cooperation and that full, unrestricted access to investigative materials be made available to her and a credible third-party investigative team to discern the truth of what happened.

Ms. Brown is the first Black woman to go on a hunger strike in Pittsburgh. She is doing this to effect change for her son JB, as well as for students across America and around the world.

Duquesne University said in a statement on July 15 that they “have offered to make available for in-person review… Duquesne University police file.” This is not enough. Ms. Brown cannot trust that Duquesne University will not hide anything from her. She needs an independent investigation with full cooperation from all parties. She needs the truth, and she needs it now: As you read this message, Ms. Brown has been striking since July 4, 2020. We are running out of time.

Please contact Dusuesne University and demand full cooperation. Demand that full, unrestricted access to investigative materials, subjects, and personnel be made available to Ms. Dannielle Brown and a credible third-party investigative team of her choice.

Senior Leadership

  • Ken Gormley – 412.396.6060 –
  • Charles Bartel – 412.396.1090 –
  • Paul-James Cukanna – 412.396.5002 – cukanna@
  • David J. Dausey – 412.396.6054 – provost@duq. edu
  • Raymond French, C.S.Sp.– 412.396.5286 –
  • Matthew J. Frist –412.396.6063 –
  • Douglas Frizzell, Ph.D. – 412.396.3235 – frizzelld@
  • William Generett, Jr., J.D. – 412.396.1401 –
  • Dave Harper – 412.396.6565 –
  • Rev. James P. McCloskey, C.S.Sp., Ph.D. –
  • John P. Plante – 412.396.4937 –
  • Madelyn A. Reilly, J.D. – 412.396.5181 – reillym@
  • Mary Ellen Solomon – 412.396.6668 – solomon3@
  • Gabriel Welsch – 412.396.6052 – welschg@duq. edu

Board of Directors

  • Chairman of the Board: John R. McGinley, Jr.
  • Vice Chair: Diane L. Hupp
  • University Secretary: Madelyn A. Reilly

NewPeople Newspaper VOL. 50 No. 5. July/August, 2020. All rights reserved.

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