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ANNE KUHN: 1946 – 2019 

A board member of the Thomas Merton Center, serving as a liaison with the East End Community Thrift Store, Anne Kuhn will be remembered by many for her convictions that found a variety of expressions throughout her life of generosity, of time, talents and treasure. Anne passed away on August 31. 

Anne and her husband Jim were long time members and supporters of the Thomas Merton Center. She enthusiastically participated in many peace and social justice efforts, from the Pittsburgh Peace Institute to Abolition 2000, to her leadership as president of Pennsylvania Peace Links. 

For years, Anne used her artistic talent in stained glass to create the annual Thomas Merton Awards that were presented to national and international persons and organizations recognized for their outstanding contributions to peace and social justice. 

Anne was a caring mother and grandmother, with a warmth and sympathy for everyone. Recognizing Anne’s commitment to peace and social justice, her family is directing donations in Anne’s name to the Thomas Merton Center, 5129 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15224. As noted in Anne’s obituary in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (9-8-19), “Anne’s creative legacy lives on in the artistic expressions of her children and grandchildren.” And we hope her commitment to peace and social justice will live on in the daily work of the Thomas Merton Center. 

Several of our members and Anne’s friends have shared their reflections of Anne’s life: 

I know Anne through Pittsburgh Friends Meeting and slightly beyond that. In life’s tough times, she’s met difficulties with courage and grace. I think of Anne as unfailingly steady, sane, friendly, welcoming and kind. I’m sorry she won’t be a continuing presence in the lives of her family and many friends, Quaker friends and otherwise. — Liane Norman 

Anne was a good friend. active member of Peace Links, a Merton Center board member and a person of grace and love of family. — Molly Rush 

Anne was a faithful supporter of East End Community Thrift. For years she volunteered her time by chauffeuring our guests from the women’s shelters around Pittsburgh so they could attend our Open House, and provided food and financial help for our fundraiser, Affordable Chic. Anne was always a part of our celebrations like the Holiday Party and to pick up the Eat ‘n Park Lemon Meringue pies to celebrate my birthday at Thrifty. — Shawna Hammond 

Anne and I met early on at Thrifty and we discovered right away our common interest in peace and justice. We met again at a gathering for Abolition 2000 and our friendship of over 25 began. While the best friend I ever had, Anne and I didn’t always agree. Neither of us were “yes” people; we challenged each other! — Shirley Gleditsch 

The loss of Anne affects so many beyond her family and friends, because she seemed to be available to the community at large. Wherever there was a need, Anne was willing to respond, whether it was for one person or a group. She gave her time, her advice, her energy, her finances, her creativity. Through the years many organizational awards were the result of her artistry, and many homes have been enriched by her stained-glass additions. But in each case, she gave of herself, and will be sorely missed. 

— Lois Goldstein 

Anne and I first met in the mid-90s when I began to work with Peace Links as the board secretary. When I became executive director and Anne president of Peace Links, we had to work closely and communicate on nearly a daily basis. I appreciated her commitment to the organization, her knowledge and experience and her willingness to cooperate with me and our 12-member board. 

In 1997, Peace Links was invited to send a delegation to China as guests of the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD). Anne headed that delegation and was an eloquent and ardent spokesperson for Chinese-American cooperation to further the cause of peace. 

After the China trip, the focus of Peace Links shifted more toward local issues. We published “Starting Young,” a workbook of activities for parents of children birth to age 3, following the words of Gandhi, who famously said that if want peace in the world, we have to “begin with the children.” 

Anne was central to the work of Peace Links and when I think back on those days, I think of her. Maybe we didn’t create the ideal world, but we were sincere, passionate and determined to contribute something positive to a desperate world. I feel certain that if she can, Anne is still doing that. 

—Janice Auth 

NewPeople Newspaper VOL. 49 No. 8. October, 2019. All rights reserved.

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