Justice for white, wealthy, privileged and- all others pay dearly

By Janet Martin

After the sentencing of Demetrius Coleman, who ran into and killed three people after running from the police, the subject of just how one-sided, unbalanced and bigoted our justice system is continues to be debated. While Mr. Coleman will be spending virtually the rest of his life in prison, I can’t help but remember and compare his case to that of the “affluenza” kid, Ethan Couch. The Texas youth killed four people, injuring two or three others, while driving drunk with a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit. What was the punishment Ethan Couch got? Ten years probation, after his legal team called him a “product of affluenza,” not knowing the difference between right and wrong. And even after lawsuits were filed and settled, there was no admission of guilt on the part of the defendant. While Mr. Coleman should be held accountable for his actions, the sentence he received was outright overkill, when compared to the disgraceful joke sentence the “affluenza” teen received.


It only reiterates what justice really and continues to stand for in this country.


If you are not white, wealthy or privileged, there is no justice.


Janet Martin is a citizen who has always had an interest in editorializing controversial issues


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