We Remember

Marie Bellin, long-time friend of the Merton Center and admirer of Thomas Merton. Marie was a faithful member of the Thomas Merton Study Group in the earlier years of the Center. She was a woman of faith and focused her life on her family. She enthusiastically took part in pilgrimages of the Merton Study Group including one to Gethsemani, the monastery and home of Thomas Merton. Marie’s daughter, Elaine, has often been an in-kind supporter of the Center at our New Person Award dinners. Marie passed away on Jan. 23, 2019 at age 84.

Sean Nolan, MD, a native of Ireland, internationally-known endocrinologist and a member and supporter of the Merton Center. Dr. Nolan had a medical practice in Weirton, WV and served at the Weirton Medical Center up to a few months before his death. He was well respected and will be greatly missed by his colleagues and patients. Dr. Nolan took an interest in the activities of the Center over the past several years, attending some of our award dinners and providing needed financial support. Dr. Nolan’s son, Sean, has been a volunteer at the Merton Center. Dr. Nolan passed away on Jan. 26, 2019 at age 76.

We are grateful for the long and fruitful lives of Marie and Sean who witnessed and supported the values of the Thomas Merton Center.

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