2018 annual TMC membership meeting


Thanks to all who participated in this year’s TMC annual membership meeting on October 6 at the South Avenue UM Church (our gracious hosts provided wonderful space and free parking). Board members Emily Neff and Fatema Juma greeted and registered members at the door. Ronni Weiss provided relaxing piano music and led us in song as we began and ended our time together.

Krystle Knight, TMC organizer, served as MC, guiding us through our meeting. The year in review was visible on slides, with the guiding commentary provided by Gabriel McMorland, TMC Executive Director. Current board members were recognized, along with current Cornerstone Sustainers and Monthly Peacemakers. Time was given for board nominees for the upcoming board elections to introduce themselves, telling what they would bring in service to the board if elected. (See article on this page about the board elections.) Gabriel provided some updates about the Center and told us about ArchCity Defenders, this year’s recipient of the Thomas Merton Award to be presented on Wed., Nov. 28 at 6 PM at Soldiers and Sailors Hall in Oakland.

Representatives from Book’em (Jodi Lincoln), CEDAW (Marcia Bandes), and the AntiWar Committee (Ron Read) brought us up to date with their efforts and invited our participation and support. Darnika Reid gave a presentation about the work of a relatively new effort, the Coalition to End the Deadly Exchange. (See article about the Coalition in this issue.)

Small group discussions afforded members opportunities for meaningful sharing. All were asked to complete a short questionnaire for input into the upcoming activities of the TMC. A Q & A session, followed by announcements, was highlighted by Gabriel’s announcement of the naming by Governor Wolf of TMC member Edith Bell as a Distinguished Daughter of Pennsylvania. A ceremony was held on October 3 at the Governor’s Mansion in Harrisburg. (See article about Edith Bell in this issue.) A drawing was held before the closing song for the winner of the survey raffle: two free tickets to this year’s Merton Award event. The winner, Ginny Hildebrand, offered back both tickets as scholarships for others.

Thanks to all who helped make this year’s event a meaningful and enjoyable experience!

Joyce Rothermel serves as Chair of the TMC Membership Committee.

(TMC newspaper VOL. 48 No. 9 November 2018. All rights reserved)

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