We Remember with Gratitude

By Joyce Rothermel

In the month of June, three long time members of the Merton Center passed on.

Paul Lienhardt is remembered for his service and generosity to the Merton Center. Paul was a CPA and served on the TMC and as its treasurer in years past. He and his wife Jane were Cornerstone Sustainers. He was a faithful member of Christ United Methodist Church in Bethel Park.

Joseph Heckel was a Presbyterian minister who put his faith into action in lots of ways, including membership in and engagement with the Merton Center. With his wife Joan, Joe nurtured their four children. They were both deeply involved in mission work during the turmoil in Central America in the 1980’s. Joe also ministered to prisoners in Pennsylvania State Penitentiaries, particularly Juvenile Lifers. He was active in several Christian Peacemaker Teams in troubled spots of the world. Joe will be remembered as a pastor, counselor, advocate, and friend. Donations are directed to Jubilee Partners, 427 Jubilee Road, Corner, GA 30629 (an organization Joe was dedicated to during his active years of ministry).

Bill Rush was a consistent presence with the Thomas Merton Center since its founding, often videoing events and demonstrations. He was a great supporter and fan of his wife Molly, co-founder of the Merton Center. Bill served in the US Marines during the Korean War, served as a draftsman for many companies in the steel industry and helped Molly raise their six children. Bill’s family has directed donations in Bill’s memory to the Merton Center or to the charity of your choice.

We are grateful for the lives and witness of these three wonderful, talented and passionate men.


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