The Myth of a System

By Paul Cech

There seems to be a belief in the myth of a system where society can handle all that comes its way in a fashion reminiscent of a Rube Goldberg contraption: There is a problem; it gets shuffled around; and eventually, it is solved! This system provides enough comfort and succor to give society the appearance of being held together.

Superficial governmental programs, especially in education, give you a recipe to follow and a checklist to laminate as proof that everything possible has been done.

Politicians and pundits hold debates long enough for citizens to grow weary and move on to other areas of concern. I hope this is not the case with violence that takes place in schools. It is my hope that the voice of children and young adults will resonate a sound so loud that, this time, the politicians and pundits will grow weary and finally realize that something positive must be done.

In the early sixties it was the children of Alabama who faced bigotry and hatred as a way to open the eyes of ordinary citizens and to increase awareness about the ills of segregation. It took young adults, like my late wife Deborah, to march against social injustice and help bring an end to a war where so many suffered great losses. And, now students are once again making their voices heard. It is our responsibility as adults to support them and make sure that the myth of a system can be dissolved, and in its place we provide the conduit that is rooted in the old saying, “lest we forget.”

Paul Cech is a poet, educator, and an independent scholar-researcher. Several of his poems have been published by The NewPeople. This article was submitted in memory of Paul’s wife, Deborah.

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