Tax Day April 17th

(Photo Caption: The Raging Grannies sing at the 10th Annual Tax Day Rally (Photo: Neil Cosgrove)

By Edith Bell

Join us on Tuesday, April 17 from noon until 2pm for the 11th Annual Tax Day Rally in Squirrel Hill at the corner of Murray Ave. and Darlington St.

Why is there always money for wars but not for education, healthcare and all the other human needs?

One answer is that the weapons manufacturers are making lots of money in wars, when their products are used, and need to be replaced. They lobby and support members of Congress who will keep the old wars going, while finding new countries to invade.

Tax Day, the day your taxes are due this year, is coming up soon.

The proposed federal budget allocates 47% of discretionary funds to past and present military. That’s about half of the budget dedicated to destruction.

To make people aware of this fact and provide more information, the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom will hand out flyers, showing how our tax dollars are spent. Through a penny poll using jars for different categories of need, passers-by can decide how they would like to have their money distributed.

The Raging Grannies will add music to the event.

For more information: or 412-661-7149

Edith Bell is the coordinator of the Pittsburgh branch of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and a long time peace and justice activist

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