March 4: Action for Immigrants

(Photo Caption: Sabrina Liu of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, center, and Antonia Dominga, Merton Center Board Member, make their statements.  (Photo: Neil Cosgrove)

By Sabrina Liu

On March 4, dozens of Pittsburgh-area activists, immigrants, and supporters rallied in Market Square not only to defend DACA recipients’ rights, but also to celebrate our diversity, uplift immigrants’ stories, and honor immigrants’ contribution to Pittsburgh. DREAMers and Latino youth made signs of beautiful butterflies. Participants wrote down their visions for a more inclusive and just society on butterfly wings. The message was loud and clear: immigrants are welcome here!


The Mayday Marching Band opened the Immigrant Rights are Human Rights Rally held at Station Square, downtown Pittsburgh, on March 4th. (Photo: Neil Cosgrove)


Shayla Esquivel recalls her father’s deportation to Mexico. (Photo: Neil Cosgrove)


Upendra Dahal speaks of the plight of 8,000 Bhutanese political refugees languishing in camps in Nepal. (Photo: Neil Cosgrove)

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