East End Community Thrift Communal Poem

By Shawna Hammond

We left a notebook out to be discovered by shoppers, volunteers or any visitors to the store.  On the page, a poem title was suggested with the invitation for anyone and everyone to begin and then further the poem along.  We thought we’d share a few with you.

THIS STORE..                                                                                         


Lots of hidden treasures every time you look                                                                      Treasure hunting is my pleasure

Took a look and I found a book                                                   

Shopping for bright colors, thinking of May

We are family, we have all our volunteers and me                                                                babe in arms, the world’s all good!

Peace, crazy love, talking, friendships, family                                                                       Smiling faces among the laces

You are all so lovely, I think of you as family                                                                            Hope Peace

Love. Love. Love

Now it’s time to leave, so we fly away like doves


A practice…. A love practice

Community love

Smiling faces among the laces-

My sanity within the insanity?

A safe place

A place where we can come together to share, care and love one another

All we are saying, is to give Peace a chance


Thank you Ms. Cookie 4 the cookie

Sweet, gentle haven, Thank You!

Thank God for this place where we can fellowship and buy at prices that are affordable

Today we laughed, prayed, and stayed a while

And then we made a big group smile

Hoping it would brighten up your day

This is the place!!  AMEN

Categories: Literature, Poetry

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