How to Lend Support to the Post-Gazette’s Journalists

By Neil Cosgrove

The Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh is asking our readers to remind the owners and management of the Post-Gazette of their “civic responsibility” as stewards of a 231-year-old newspaper that has been “a vital, necessary part of the Pittsburgh community’s fabric.”

The above article explains just how Block Communications, through its past and current contract negotiations with the Post-Gazette’s journalists, is jeopardizing both the quality and the very future of the newspaper. “In the past 12 years,” says Michael Fuoco, President of the Guild local, “all of the unions, through staffing cuts (buyouts), and wage and benefits cuts have given the company $100 million annually in givebacks … the fact they keep going to our pockets for more is an abomination.”

The Guild urges our members and readers to phone and send letters to the Post-Gazette’s owners and managers expressing our concern regarding the newspapers future, and our anger over Block Communications “draconian contract offer.” Contact information is provided below:

Allan Block

Chairman, Block Communications, Inc.

405 Madison Ave., Suite 2100

Toledo, OH 43604


Lisa Hurm

General Manager

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

2201 Sweeny Drive

Clinton, PA 15026


Linda Guest

Senior Human Resources Manager

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

220 Sweeney Drive

Clinton, PA 15026


John Robinson Block

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

358 North Shore Drive, Suite 300

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


David M. Shribman

Executive Editor

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

358 North Shore Drive, Suite 300

Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Neil Cosgrove is a member of the NewPeople editorial collective and the Merton Center board.

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