Rejoice, Americans, We Have A  Great President

July 1, 2017 – By Matias Aranda


All praise Trump, for He is great. Let’s face it: Our president has told an occasional fib or two, but to say that He lies 70% of the time is just harsh and unfair.

Also, His wonderful self-esteem may sometimes shine too much for some people, but to call Him a narcissist is plain mean.

And to call Him a psychopath only because He sometimes attacks and ridicules those who are below Him and can’t fight back is also unfair. We must realize that all that is within His plan to make America Great Again.

Instead of demonizing Him we should celebrate and bask in His wisdom and foresight. Thanks to Him, many people in foreign countries show less desire to come to the USA. Many are tourists, which makes our tourist industry unhappy, but that is not important: in the Great-Trump America we do not need foreign money.

During His campaign Mr. Trump brought up an obscure but important fact. In addition to pointing out that Mexico sends its criminals to the USA, He made comments on the “fact” that Mexico has taken advantage of the USA “…for long enough.” He is so right: Mexico has abused the noble spirit of the USA from day one.

Once upon a time the newly born USA was in the midst of a divine mandate to expand all across North America and create a new heaven (Manifest Destiny). With that in mind, American leaders made attempts to buy some Mexican territory but Mexicans, being of selfish nature, were not much believers in the war of independence. After several failed offers President Polk, a true believer in Manifest Destiny and under pressure from the divine (and not-too-divine) expansionists, decided to make a dramatic move. He went to Congress with a tale that Mexico had invaded American territory, which was a big lie. One can imagine Mr. Polk, a man of great integrity, having to sacrifice his noble upbringing and being forced to tell a lie of such gravity. But it worked: Congress declared war on Mexico.

It must have been heart-wrenching for a Christian, God-fearing nation to see its mighty military forces invade and sow bloodshed, destruction and death upon a weak nation, but that was necessary and well worth it. After two years of that, the bad Mexican hombres came to their senses and agreed to sell. In the deal, the Mexicans made out like fat rats: The USA gave them 15 million dollars. And what did we get? All we got was California with a little gold, Texas with a few barrels of oil, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and part of New Mexico

So yes, Mr. Trump, you are right, Mexico has taken advantage of the USA for way too long and only you can put an end to it.

Why only you? Allow me to go through some important events. On July 6, 2015, you rightfully said “…I’ll be the best president God ever created.” On July 6, 2016, you were anointed in the name of God by some important spiritual leaders. In addition, most of our more important spiritual leaders (Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham, etc.) have identified you as the long awaited, God-send president.

At this point someone may be asking: How about the wall? OK let’s talk about the wall. Me. President, you have an important prophecy to fulfill. Lance Wallnau, a spiritual leader, and great supporter of yours, has pointed out an astounding connection between you and Proverbs 25:28. He quotes the Bible to justify your commitment to build it. Another political and spiritual leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, has supported you, saying that the Israeli wall has been great for stopping immigrants and “wild beasts.”

So Mr. President, do build the wall, and if those bad hombres refuse to pay for it, maybe you can consider taking the other half of their territory. Your Congress for sure will support you and God will look upon you with proud eyes.

When you see your “good friends” Luciano Pavarotti and Frederick Douglass, please say hello from me.

May God keep blessing on you.

Your humble American subject and admirer,

Matias Aranda

Matias Aranda is a retired Machinist who has been involved in the National Farm Workers Associations and the work of Cesar Chavez in California.

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