Letter from the New TMC Director

June 30, 2017 – By Gabriel McMorland

Hello, my name is Gabriel McMorland and I’ve just become Executive Director of the Thomas Merton Center after several years working as our staff organizer. I’m grateful to join a multigenerational community of activists in an organization with such a long history of building peace through justice. Every month, I will write a short letter in the NewPeople with updates on our work and observations on our current political context.

In our work at TMC, I hope we can challenge racism, militarism, and capitalism through both specific strategic campaigns and bold, creative witnessing for justice. I hope we remain open to lifelong learning and resolve to understand our own role in systems of oppression. I hope we can move in solidarity with others, and I hope we can connect local struggles with a global vision for peace and justice.

In our work, I’m often reminded that we cannot separate social justice issues as though dissecting them for a museum display or solving an algebraic equation. Economic justice demands we confront white supremacy. Capitalism drives the chaos of climate change. Endless wars find justification in a culture that casually accepts the violence of patriarchy and homophobia.

In all this, we must support each other moving towards freedom, peace, and justice. Let’s ask each other what solidarity looks like. Please feel free to contact me anytime at Gabriel@thomasmertoncenter.org. I’d love to hear about your own past work with TMC, or talk to you about ways to get involved in the future. I also hope every reader of the NewPeople will consider donating to support our work. Remaining a member-funded organization gives us the flexibility we need in the fight for justice.

Gabriel McMorland
Executive Director
Thomas Merton Center

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