Single Payer Documentaries Available

May 19, 2017 – By Wien Norman

Health Care is back in the headlines again. With the Republicans attempting to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the news will be dominated for the foreseeable future by this contentious issue. There are four excellent documentaries which advocate single payer health care for the US. “The Health Care Movie” compares the history and politics of the Canadian and US health care systems. “Fx It: Health Care at the Tipping Point” is the story of MCS Industries in Easton PA, struggles to compete with foreign corporations because many foreign governments pay the cost of health insurance for their citizens. “The Time is Now” advocates Universal Single Payer Health Care without further delay.. “Sick Around the World” a PBS Frontline Documentary which profiles the health systems of the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and Switzerland and what we can learn from each.. Call 412 242 3481 or email nhwien@comcast.net to arrange a free showing for your club or group.

Wien Norman is a retired Senior Vice President of the Children’s Hospital and a member of Grassroots Pittsburgh, HealthCare4AllPA, and Western PA Coalitions for Single Payer Health Care

Categories: Event, Healthcare, Movie, News, Politics

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