School of the Americas Watch Convergence: October 7 – 10

September 1, 2016
By Joyce Rothermel

On August 3, the film, “The Empire’s War on the Border” was viewed at the Thomas Merton Center. This compelling documentary presents very clearly the current shameless U.S. policies and their heartless deadly enforcement occurring daily on the Mexico-US border. These realities demonstrate clearly, the importance of the upcoming Convergence in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico being organized by the School of the Americas Watch for Oct. 7 – 10.

Organizations like the W. PA School of the Americas Watch based at the Thomas Merton Center are recruiting  participants to travel to the Convergence. As we go to press for this September publication, 16 people, motivated by the situation on the border and the plight of many Latin Americans living under great oppression, are committed to go to Nogales. Several of them are involved with Casa San Jose here in Pittsburgh and know the importance of the Convergence. Several generous donors have already provided support for scholarships to help cover the expenses of the trip for those who need it. In addition to airfare, expenses include ground transportation in Arizona and housing in Nogales. Participants will travel to Phoenix by plane and then from there to Nogales by car.

We invite all NewPeople readers to go to and click on “The Empire’s War on the Border” and watch the 58 minute documentary. You, like those of us going to the Convergence, will understand the urgency in taking action. Consider joining us for the witness at Nogales, or send in a donation to help others participate. You may want to  organize a showing of the documentary for others in your community.

For more information on the Convergence or the SOA Watch of W. PA, contact Josh Sturman, an intern for the School of the America Watch of W. PA at

Joyce Rothermel is a member of the SOA Watch of Western Pennsylvania.


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