Day of Action for a Livable Pittsburgh

April 6, 2016

On April 14th, working class people from across Pittsburgh are coming together for a day of action to call for an equitable, livable city for all. Workers from across industries are joining hands to demand that all workers earn $15 an hour and have the right to form a union!

 It’s time to reclaim our city! Join us in the streets!

April 14, 3:30 pm

Forbes & Bigelow

While workers across the country are making incredible gains to lift their wages and standards, Pittsburgh’s largest employers and anchor institutions still pay tens of thousands of workers too little to support themselves and their families. Instead of working with employees to make Pittsburgh truly livable, they oppose workers efforts to form their unions and find a path out of poverty.

From unions to environmental and racial justice organizations, the faith community to the student community, we are building an interconnected movement. Because sharing in our struggles means our whole community benefits from our wins. A living wage and a voice at work are at the core of building a just and equitable city.

 On April 14th, our community is saying we’ve had enough. We are reclaiming our city!

 Click here to visit the Facebook event for the rally.

Sponsored By: SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania Hospital Workers Rising Fight For 15 PAUfcw Local 23 Restaurant Opportunities Center of Pittsburgh 32BJ SEIU Pennsylvania UNITE HERE! Action United One Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network Allegheny Group of the Sierra Club The Women and Girls Foundation Working America Women’s Law Project United Steelworkers (USW) Fight Back Pittsburgh Thomas Merton CenterPittsburghers for Public Transit USAS #31 Adjunct Faculty AssociationAFT – American Federation of Teachers

Meet the workers: 


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