Sincerely, A Chola – a Poem by Christina Acuna Castillo

A little birdie came and sat right outside my window
Body all confident, lips smirking,

it said it saw you cry for me.

He asked God why you had to be an illegal, it said.
He said, Fuck it, God, make me an illegal too.

And for a second, I really thought all that was true.
But then I remembered your laugh
the night your friends called me a Spic,

so I told the little birdie to stop lying.

Because, well, we both know that snakes don’t really cry.
Do they?

But, y’know,
cowards do.

So, tell me, white boy,
Which of the two are you?

Christina Acuna Castillo is an American writer and digital maker. Most of her family is from Perú and she couldn’t be more proud. She attends the University of Pittsburgh, studying literature, creative writing, Latin American studies, and digital media. More of her work can be found at www.cac-art.com


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