Unfamiliar Faces, A Poem by Minnie Mariah Wilson

Your love is so difficult to read
from behind these slits for eyes
Your love is so very painful
that I couldn’t imagine your hate
My kindness is met with curses
they dig into me deep, but I dare not pull them out
lest my face meet another blow

Your love is so confusing
I’ve failed many a times to understand
I ignore the red ring around my neck
and i’m not too fond of the purples and blues
that are speckled all about me

The mirror keeps whispering to come near-I refuse
Your sight longs for my presence at all times
and mines longs for your smile, but it’s been awhile
In my suffering I wait to see that familiar face from long ago
Patiently waiting for it to emerge
which is the reason for my pleasant demeanor
despite my agony

I will place a kiss upon its cheek
and embrace that moment
should it ever arrive
I pray that he will materialize
before I disappear into eternity

Minnie Mariah Wilson is 31-years-old and a children’s book author and illustrator of Just Ask My Mom and Dad/SOCKS. Minnie also writes poetry and has been working as a production assistant for over 7 years.

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