Economic Justice

Letter to the Editor Addressed to Corbett

Local activist Mel Packer sent the following letter to the Post Gazette.  If it doesn’t get published there, at least it’s published here!  Mel wrote:

“Just a quick note to Gov. Tom Corporate to say “thanks” for proving me right. Over the last few days, I have helped with numerous efforts to demonstrate opposition to transit cuts due partly to inadequate state funding.

Today, I joined a protest against the Marcellus Shale Gas hydrofrackers. I’m sure you know who I mean as it appears they are your main employer.

At each of these events, people often ask me, “Can it get worse?”.
With all the wisdom of my 66 years experience, I always reply, “Of
course it can.”

Today, thanks to you Tom, I was once again proven to be a veritable
fountain of wisdom when my very distressed daughter, a Sophomore at Temple Univ, called to tell us that her Major, and in fact her entire
department of Latin American Studies, has been closed due to education budget slashing by you. And this comes just a few days before she must choose classes for Fall Semester. WOW!

So yes, folks, it can get worse. I’d write more, but I need to make
some calls and see if I still have health insurance. After all, it can
get worse. But shouldn’t that be our choice and not yours, Tom?”

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