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Just what are the plans for August 31? Strategize with Codepink

On August 31st, the government will begin a partial withdraw of troops from Iraq, leaving behind 50,000 troops, 75,000 paid contractors, and the memory of the deaths of thousands of US military, and countless Iraqi’s. 

The media will surely spin this withdraw as a positive thing, but it’s important for the anti war community here in Pittsburgh to be vocal about the cold reality of what the past seven years in Iraq has cost us. 

Read and sign Codepink’s statement about the Iraq withdrawal.  

We are meeting this Friday, August 20th, at 7:30 PM at The Thomas Merton Center to discuss an action here in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, August 31st. 

We are asking anti war activists from various groups to come and support planning an action for this very important date.  Please come and bring your thoughts and ideas.  This action will be part of a national day of action across the United States.  For information about the meeting, feel free to call me at 412-389-3216.  Hope to see you there. 

Peace  Francine Porter, Codepink Organizer

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