By Michael Drohan

The generation of enemies at the level of international politics moves fast. Long gone are the days when Iraq was the supposed greatest threat to humanity with its fictitious possession of “weapons of mass destruction”. The new threat now to world peace and freedom has moved to Iran or so says Benjamin Netanyahu. Last week he was in Washington DC hobnobbing with President Obama and issuing dire warnings of the deadly threat that Iran may one day possess nuclear weapons.

On Sunday night last ( July 11) Netanyahu was interviewed on “Fox News Sunday” and on Monday the Post-Gazette made an article on the interview its principal story in its international section ( p. A4). “We’ve had effective nuclear peace for more than half a century because everybody understood the rules, I don’t think you can rely on Iran” saith Netanyahu with a straight face. The rules he didn’t elaborate on.  These rules are that Israel and Israel alone shall possess nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

So the big question is how to rein in Iran, the new almighty threat. Sanctions wont work says the great oracle Netanyahu. Then ominously he states “a nuclear Iran couldn’t be contained”. Why we might ask? Oh because Iran and Iranians are like no other people. They are not rational. “You can’t rely on the fact that they’ll obey the calculations of cost and benefit that governed all nuclear powers since the rise of the nuclear age” says the Israeli leader. You can clearly see the solution coming, the threat of military invasion “might actually have the only real effect on Iran, if they think it’s true” says Netanyahu.

It doesn’t take much to read between the lines in the end game of Netanyahu’s visit: in a word to ramp up the support for a military attack by the combined forces of Israel and the U.S. on Iran. No doubt it is a lunatic scheme and seems to suggest that nothing was learned from the total mess of attacking Iraq and reducing the country to rubble. What is really regrettable, however, is the role of the media and papers such as the Post Gazette which offer themselves as megaphones for the wild schemes of Fox News, Netanyahu and the war mongers.