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February 2017: The Resistance Grows in First 100 Days

TMC Member John Haer invites Wanda Guthrie, long time evironmental justice activist and Merton Center Board Member, to talk about the mass mobilization of the Women’s March, protecting the rights of nature, and upcoming events to fight climate change. https://theunionedge.com/thomas-merton-center-show-resistance-grows-first-100-days/

January 2017: Activating Grassroots Opposition to Nuclear Weapons and Expanded Military Spending

TMC Anti-War Committee activists Ron Reed and Rev. Paul Dornan join host John Haer for this month’s Thomas Merton Center program. Ron and Paul discuss the committee’s plans to activate grassroots opposition to nuclear weapons and expanded military spending in light of the bellicos statements of President-elect Trump. Pastor Dornan, a veteran and chaplain at the Vet’s Hospital, is a local coordinator for Veterans for Peace. https://theunionedge.com/activating-grassroots-opposition-nuclear-weapons-expanded-military-spending/


December 2016: A Call to Action, Why We Need CEDAW

Marcia Bandes, a TMC representative to The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) local committee joins host John Haer this month. Bandes discusses a recent special meeting at Pittsburgh City Council and subsequent public hearing, called to adopt the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), an international treaty adopted in 1979 by the United Nations General Assembly. Sadly, the United States is ranked 20th among all nations for gender equality.

 November 2016: The 2016 Merton Award celebrates Frida Berrigan!

Bonny DiCarlo, TMC Events Coordinator,  and peace activist Frida Berrigan join host John Hare for this month’s Thomas Merton Center Radio Program! The 2016 Merton Award celebrates Frida Berrigan, daughter of Vietnam-era religious activists Phil Berrigan and Liz McAllister and niece of Daniel Berrigan. Frida is a founder and columnist for the blog Waging Nonviolence and author of It Runs in the Family: On Being Raised by Radicals and Growing into Rebellious Motherhood.

August 2016: “Civil Disobedience Against Nuclear Weapons”

Host John Haer speaks with playwright Tammy Ryan, discussing her original drama “Molly’s Hammer”, based on TMC founder Molly Rush’s participation with Daniel Kerrigan and others in a famous act of civil disobedience against nuclear weapons in Media, PA back in the 1980’s. The play is currently being staged to glowing reviews in St. Louis and a local formal reading will be scheduled in Pittsburgh this Fall.

March 2016: Islamophobia’s Negative Effect on Mental Health of Muslim-Americans

John Haer hosts the March edition of the Merton Center Show, talking about the harmful effects of U.S. Islamophobia on the mental health of Muslim-Americans with guests author and University of Pittsburgh student Imaz Athar, and Outreach Coordinator of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh Kelcey Sharkas.


“Peace and Justice Initiatives of the Thomas Merton Center”

Newly appointed Thomas Merton Center Executive Director Tony Lodico discusses his background and his role as chief organizer and facilitator of the many peace and justice initiates of the Thomas Merton Center.



January 2016: “The Plight of the Palestinians”

John Haer hosts the January edition of the Merton Center Show, talking about the displacement and oppression of the Palestinian people with author Ken Boaz, Visiting Scholar of the Humanities Center of University of Pittsburgh and member of the Pittsburgh BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) Committee.



December 2015: “Our Refugee Neighbors”

New People editorial committee members Jim McCarville and Michael Drohan discuss one tragic outcome of the Syrian war– millions of refugee families seeking shelter and safety in other countries.
What is America’s role and responsibility? How are refugees admitted and resettled here in Pittsburgh? What can average citizens do to help?
This program can also be listened to and downloaded here.


October 2015: “The Thawing: US-Cuban Relations”

TMC member and former State Senator Jim Ferlo, a founder of the Pittsburgh-Matanzas Sister Cities Partnership, talks about his recent trip to Cuba and his hopes and concerns about the future. Jim also discusses California Congresswoman Barbara Lee, the honored guest and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient at the TMC annual dinner to be held November 9.

This program can also be listened to and downloaded here.


September 2015: “20th Century Persian History: Why Iranians Donʼt Trust the Intentions of our State Department Regarding Nuclear Proliferation.”

Economist and TMC Board Member Michael Drohan recounts the turbulent history of the US and western nationsʼ involvement with Iran. Contrary to the claims of right wingers in Congress and the conservative US media, the people of Iran have reasons to fear the incursions of western democracy and capitalism in their affairs.

This program can also be listened to and downloaded here.


August 2015: “Remembering Hiroshima: TMC Activists Organize For Worldwide Nuclear Disarmament.”

Peace activist and organizer Jo Schlesinger discusses the progress of local lobbying activities in support of the proposed US and Western nations agreement with Iran on prevention of Iranʼs building a nuclear weapon. Also, an array of local activities are described as part of the campaign, co-sponsored by the TMC, called “Remembering Hiroshima, Imagining Peace”.

This program can also be listened to and downloaded here.


July 2015: “Gov. Wolfʼs Moratorium on the Death Penalty: Local Prison Justice Activists Respond”

TMC activists Martha Conley and Suzanne Powell discuss the status of death row prisoners in our state and the reasons why a death penalty moratorium makes sense. Conley, an attorney and member of the Prison Society, relates her visits to inmates. Powell, a volunteer with “Book ʻEm”, tells how this unique program helps individuals confined in our overcrowded jails imagine the outside world.


June: “The Threat of Nuclear War: World Peace Activists Meet in New York to Assess the Success and Failures of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ”.

TMC Board and New Person editorial committee member Michael Drohan analyzes the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty as it comes up for a 5-year worldwide review this summer. What can international peace activists do to wind down and abolish the nuclear weapons?

This program can also be listened to and downloaded here.


May: “Letʼs Strengthen, Not Privatize, a Great Public Resource: the US Post Service”

New Person editorial committee member Neil Cosgrove and local Letter Carriers union leader Gary Bluestone tell how the US Postal Service has become a target for dismantling by private profiteers and anti-government ideologues, despite the fact that no tax dollars subsidize this impressive and efficient public service.

This program can also be listened to and downloaded here.


April: “The Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels: What You Can Do”

Wanda Guthrie and Gabe McMorland, representing the Environmental Justice and New Economy Committees of the Center, explain our planetʼs global warming crisis; the choices all nations face for developmental sustainability and equity; and how activists are mobilizing to urge governments at all levels to divest their investments from fossil fuel enterprises that contribute to the problem and instead invest resources in alternative energy and sustainability planning.

This program can also be listened to and downloaded here.


March: “Celebrating Thomas Merton”

Center Founder Molly Rush and Managing Director Diane McMahon discuss the author/poet/activist monk Thomas Merton, the Centerʼs namesake; his influence on the 1960ʼs civil rights and peace and justice movement, and the myriad of events sponsored by the Center in commemoration of what would have been Mertonʼs 100th birthday this month.

This program can also be listened to and downloaded here.