Immigrant Rights

Poems on Immigration II

February 28, 2017
By Krithika Pennathur

The only love i’ve ever known
two newlywed people
leaving everything that they have ever known
moving somewhere they know nothing about,
devoting their lives
to giving a better life for their kids
and for themselves.

It’s the most poetic
most confusing
most real and sacrificial love
that my parents hold for me and my brother
I wonder what love
is supposed to be
Is it the spinning around in the rain?
The moment when you look into someone’s eyes?
Do you just know?

The kind of love i see
is the one where
people give each other roses on dates
giving each other kisses
man & woman holding hands

I don’t see my parent’s love represented anywhere.

the tamil word for jasmine.
White, royal, the most memorable smell of a flower.
Women wear Mallippu in their hair,
on top of their ponytails and braids,
The smell of shampoo,
is authentically Mallippu

The smell of a rose,
although beautiful,
doesn’t compare to Jasmine.

It doesn’t take you back
to the temple
where you prayed every Sunday
to the times when Paati would brush your hair before school
and would lovingly put Mallippu in her hair
Grandmother’s touch.

The smell of roses brings you to America.
A daily dose of reality.

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